I'm a wife & mother of 3 boys. Been a stay at home mom for quite some time and as my children have grown I'm venturing into new areas of life to spread my wings and share my passion and creativity with all of you. I've always had a passion for art of all kinds, I enjoy using my creativity in many areas such as party planning, crafts, costume making and especially anything digital.

Between my passions & creativity, my boys have been a huge inspiration for wanting to specialize in fantasy photography, their love of super heroes and always wanting to pretend to be them it sparked that creative side to capture their imaginations & other peoples as well. I want to make it come to life in a one of a kind memory. I will sit down with you during a one on one consult to discuss what you envision, and we will plan together your one of a kind photography shoot. I will use your ideas and imagination to spark that creativity I thrive on so much and put it to good use coming up with a way to make your imagination come to life through photography. And when the fun of planning and shooting is said and done, I put my special touches to the images that make the final cut and then preserve it all in some form we have discussed at planning consult or at your image viewing.

So what are we waiting for, contact me and let's get creative together.